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Top Placement Advertising

For 26 years, has provided a platform to market the skill set of actively practicing Expert Witnesses and Business Consultants in over 1,400 Areas of Expertise

One way boosts the brand of our Expert Witnesses is through Top Placement of Member Profiles in Areas of Expertise and Keyword Search results.

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 top placement advertising Graph Image  Boost Your Brand With Top Placement Advertising

Location, Location, Location!

Top Placement Advertising displays your Expert Witness and/or Business Consultant profiles in  the top positions of any Area of Expertise of your choosing or in response to Keyword-Search results! It increases your online visibility and your chances of being noticed by the legal or business community seeking your expertise. 

"How Does It Work?"

  • Select the desired Position option for your Top Placement  from the table below.
  • For Area of Expertise Top Placement, we feature your profiles in the desired position (1st-5th positions) on page 1 of the results tab (regardless the A-Z or Z-A ranking) for the Category/Expertise of your choosing. alternates Member Profiles A-Z and Z-A daily.
  • If you choose Keyword Top Placement, we feature your profiles in the 1st-5th positions in response to a search for EVERY Keyword in your Profiles (i.e. in your Description or hidden Keyword fields). If there are multiple profiles with the same Keyword Placement, Profiles will alternate with other positions, if any exist.

Pricing Options

Top Placement Area of Expertise Top Placement Keyword

#1 Position - $80/month

#2 Position - $75/month

#3 Position - $70/month

#4 Position - $65/month

#5 Position - $60/month

#1-10 Position Random (For Unsold Positions) - $45/month

#1 Position - $90/Month

#2 Position - $85/month

#3 Position - $80/month

#4 Position - $75/month

#5 Position - $70/month

#1-10 Position Random (For Unsold Positions) - $65/month

"Why Should I Purchase Top Placement Advertising?"

STAND OUT Amongst Experts


If you are in a concentrated Area of Expertise, the "Featured" designation of Top Placement distinguishes your Profile from other profiles and makes it stand out.

BOOST Your Brand

Top Placement further supports your brand by putting your Expert Witness and Business Consultant profiles in the 1st-5th positions of any Category or Keyword of your choosing!

TRACK Profile Engagement

With your profiles in the top positions, your analytics reports will show an increase in visitors viewing your profiles. The reports are available 24/7 in real-time.


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