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One of the benefits of adding Articles or Case Scenarios to Profiles is increasing your online visibility. Our Members’ Articles/Case Scenarios on our website receive phenomenal exposure on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Top ranking on search engines is worth far more than the cost of membership.

Member Articles get clicks daily, attracting even more business. As a member you can track the number of clicks received to your Articles and see where exactly the clicks are coming from.

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Here are just a couple of examples of our Members articles and their performance on search engines :

Problems With Citing Pipeline Codes And Regulations As The Basis For A Class Action Complaint” is an Article by our Member Bryan Melan, PE.

Certified Mail Versus Certificate Of Mailing: What's the Difference?” is an Article by our Member Peter Wade.

"Outboard Boating Engine Accident: Mechanical Failure Analysis" is an Article by our member Gerald Davis.

"Discovery of a Cut-and-Paste Alteration Without the Source Signatures" is an Article by our member Mike Wakshull.

"Utilizing an Expert to Assess the Reliability and Credibility of Child Sexual Abuse Victim's Statements in Criminal, Civil, and Family Court Cases" is an Article by our member Jane McNaught.

Here Is an Example of a well formatted case study.


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