Law Firm Visitors View Expert Witness Profiles

On average, our members receive 15-20 identifiable law firm visitors annually.  When available, law firm visitors  are reported to our members in real-time.


Here are a few of our law firm visitors:

Examples of recent direct referrals:

- Wrongful Death - Drunk Driving - Forensic DNA Rebuttal

- Ophthalmology Expert Needed - Medical Record Review

- Police Emergency Protocol - Code 3 Car Accident

- Obstacle Course Race - Personal Injury - Standard of Care

- Fabric Dome Manufacturer - Stadium - Breach of Contract

Only one or two percent of our cases come through our direct referral service.  When we do get a search request from an attorney, our team will call and email you to see if it is a case that fits your expertise. Otherwise, your contact information is available and attorneys will contact you directly.

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